Israel Rally

I just got back from the Israel Solidarity rally in downtown Baltimore, and it was really nice to see so many people. My favorite speech came from Governor Ehlich, with Congressman Ben Cardin coming in second place. Mayor O’Malley also spoke, but not too many people were into it.

Either way, here is a link to the pictures I took.

And here is a link to video coverage by WJZ TV.

Update at 5:19pm:
Here’s a picture from the Baltimore Sun:

Update at 9:18pm:
Here’s the Baltimore Sun article about the rally.

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3 Responses to “Israel Rally”

  1. Greg Says:

    Great stuff, wish I could have made it.

  2. Elise Says:

    Same Here

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi, Aishel. I’m The ASsociated’s webmaster. Glad you could make the rally–would you mind posting a link to our Israel Crisis Relief Fund page:
    and maybe also our rally highlights page:

    thanks! Rina Goloskov

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