Tehillim 83

I found something fascinating in the news tonight. Apparently, an engineer in Ireland was digging up some swampland for commercial buildings when he happened upon an ancient Sefer Tehillim, only 20 pages long. What I found amazing about this story is that when found, the book was open to Psalm 83, the very same chapter of tehillim we’ve been saying three times a day every day at the end of each davening.

Here is a link to the story

May what is contained in this kapittel come true.

Update at 10:55pm on July 29, 2006:
After much confusion, it looks like it wasn’t open to the Tehillim 83 as we know it:

Irish museum clarifies text found in bog
Jul. 28, 2006. 01:00 AM

DUBLIN—An ancient Irish manuscript found in a bog last week does not refer to “wiping out Israel,” the National Museum of Ireland said yesterday, after a flood of inquiries wondering at the timing of the discovery.

On Tuesday, the National Museum of Ireland announced what it said was one of the most significant Irish discoveries in decades; an ancient Psalter or Book of Psalms, written around 800 AD. It said part of Psalm 83 was legible.

In modern versions of the Bible, Psalm 83 is a lament to God over other nations’ attempts to wipe out Israel. Many commentators wondered at the coincidence of such a discovery at a time of heightened Mid East tension.

The confusion arose because the manuscript uses a 4th century Latin translation of the Bible known as the Vulgate, which numbers the psalms differently from the later King James Version, the 1611 English translation from which many modern texts derive.

“The above mention of Psalm 83 has led to misconceptions about the revealed wording and may be a source of concern for people who believe Psalm 83 deals with `the wiping out of Israel'” the museum said. In fact, the text visible on the manuscript refers to the `vale of tears,'” found in Psalm 84 in the King James Version.



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  1. Psaumes de David Says:

    Un site pour lire les tehilim en hébreu

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