Shomrei’s safety attempts

It has been a few days since I was at Shomrei, but as I left this morning, I noticed that they had put in one of those curved, safety mirrors that allows you to see traffic that would otherwise be difficult to see. As I was approaching the exit, I said to myself, “Wow, what a great idea, it’s always impossible to see anything when you leave!” But when I actually got to the street by the exit, I noticed that it was totally useless. In order to look at the mirror, your car needs to be 8 feet away from the curb. And if there are cars parked between the Shomrei entrance and Shomrei exit, then all you see in the mirror are the two parked cars. If they really want to make it safe, what they need to do is take away those two parking spots between the entrances. I know the parking situation is bad enough as it is, but I think safety trumps convenience.

Oh well, at least they tried.

Speaking of Shomrei, here is a bird’s eye view of Shomrei with all the original buildings still in place.


2 Responses to “Shomrei’s safety attempts”

  1. Jewboy Says:

    I agree that they should get fid of those parking spots. That turn is very hazardous and I fear may cause some accidents.

  2. aishel Says:

    From this weeks bulletin:
    Please note that the parking lot exit now has a convex mirror so that you can see the traffic coming from the left—please make use of it as we have had some near-accidents.
    Regarding the parking situation, you have probably noticed that parking has become somewhat “loose” recently—in many cases people are blocking each other in, parking on the front lawns of the buildings, etc. This is very dangerous, not to mention inconsiderate of others. If the lot is full during this temporary construction period please take the two or three extra minutes to park on the street and walk the short distance to shul.

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