Reuters publishes a photoshopped photo

Well, they’ve done it again. The bloggers have once again shown that the mainstream media (MSM) airs doctored photo’s. First, it was the famous Killian documents, and now its Reuters’ picture of the scene over Beruit.

Here’s the photo published in the above link:

The smoke is obviously faked. Even I know how to use the clone tool.

Interestingly, someone found what looks like the original picture, albeit in a higher contrast:

At first, I didn’t see anything similar between the two pictures, but Charles at Little Green Footballs created an overlay of the two images and came up with this:

So with the media obviously changing pictures to fit within their agenda’s, why do so many people say that the media isn’t biased? All I have to say is good job to whomever first noticed all this!

UPDATE at 10:05am on Aug. 6, 2006:
Reuters has pulled the photo admitting that it had been manipulated by photo editing software. Note that the only people they apologize to is the editors. I hope they do the responsible thing by firing him.

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