I think that every once in a while I’m going to do a shoutout post to some of my more interesting or unusual posters.

Like the one from the “Syrian Arab Republic.” And from the celebrities at TVGuide (SK, you should be doing your work)! I’d also like to make a shout out to my visitors from the Yeshiva of Greater Washington. Finally, there’s someone who works at Microsoft who doesn’t know what ‘verbiage’ means, and upon googling it (shouldn’t they be using MSN?) came across this blog. I mean, I understand the user in the Phillipenes doesn’t know what verbiage is, but at Microsoft?

Visitors have come from all five (mostly inhabited) continents, and from countries such as Syria (as mentioned above), Japan, Chile, and New Zealand. And of course, Israel

That said, it gives me great pleasure that over 50% of my blog visitors use firefox.


One Response to “Shoutouts”

  1. Sara Says:

    Thanks for the shoutout 🙂 Now if you could only get some of the real celebrities here to read your blog 😉
    Shabbat Shalom and hi to the wife.

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