Calvin and Hobbes

Way back in September 2005, Pennystock was drooling over the latest The Complete Calvin and Hobbes that was about to come out. Subsequently, Soccerdad got the set as a surprise gift from his wife. I had made a comment in penny’s post that I, too, was drooling over it, and was upset that my birthday wasn’t for another 8 months.

Well, I’m proud to say that my wife also surprised me, and got it for me as birthday present. I know I told soccerdad that I was unimpressed with the layout and formatting, but after sitting down and finally finishing all three volumes, I’m duly impressed! Every time I’d start laughing out loud, I would hear my wife from the other room say, “are you reading Calvin & Hobbes again?”

So between The Complete Calvin & Hobbes and The Complete Far Side, I have the complete sets of the two best comic strips out there.

And I know the link that Presence provided is out of date, but I found a new one that has all the images of almost every strip from Calvin & Hobbes, and they are all searchable! Click here to go to the Transmogrifier!

And being that it’s summer, I think I should replace ‘television’ with ‘computer’ in the following strip and go outside (click to enlarge):


5 Responses to “Calvin and Hobbes”

  1. peninah Says:

    I am still drooling. We actually bought it for a Bar Mitzvah present for a close friend’s son. He mentioned that he plans on the books becoming family heirlooms.


  2. Jewboy Says:

    Calvin and Hobbes and the Far Side are the two best comic strips ever. I didn’t think it was worth it for me to get the collection because I already have almost all the original books.

  3. peninah Says:

    We had almost all the original books, but then Ezra started reading them (with obsession) and somehow they all ended up in his room and he has read them so much that half of them are falling apart now.

  4. Soccer Dad Says:

    Happy Birthday!
    (Peninah’s story sounds familiar. That’s why my wife had rachmones on me.)
    With the treasury, the children can read it with permission. But never in bed.

  5. aishel Says:

    Thanks soccerdad 🙂 My birthday was actually in June, but with my summer semester, it took me a while to finish them. Thankfully, my daughter is too young to read them…and I’m not sure I want to give her any ideas 😉

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