Sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Feel free to leave suggestions and/or comments regarding the site look, feel, etc.

The only con I’ve found so far to using WordPress is that I can’t properly track visitors because WordPress won’t let me add a javascript that tells me how people were referred here, and what words people used to find this blog. But since I like the look so much, its worth it. And also, if I don’t know who’s coming from where, I don’t have to have my ego broken if no one shows up.

There’s an RSS icon on the right side, if you want the RSS url.


4 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Greg Says:

    WordPress is so much nicer than Blogger. I see you were able to add a tracker in there as well, which is good.

  2. Shoshana Says:

    Was it hard to move all your old posts and comments over? Been thinking about making the switch also, but afraid to lose so much.

  3. aishel Says:

    Shoshana, it was actually quite easy. I had some problems with only one of my posts (the alarm clocks one), but that wasn’t really important so I didn’t care. THe thing that will be hard for you would be to import all your links in. I think you have to do each one manually. But one of the things thats great (in some people’s minds) about WordPress is that since they don’t let you into the template code, its impossible to mess up with the code.

  4. LN Says:

    If you have your own URL, you can download the wordpress coding available at wordpress.org and mess with it as you like…

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