As a teacher at Gesher LaTorah, I find that I have to prepare lots of class lessons and projects for each week that I teach. Because of my limited creative talents, I find myself looking online for lots of ideas for crafts and whatnot. I found a great website a while ago that I figured I’d share with anyone else who may be in the teaching field. The site, e-Chinuch.org, is geared towards Orthodox Jews, and seriously has the best resources out there for Jewish teaching. It has great craft ideas, songs, and a whole gamut of other ideas to incorporate into your teaching. I’m not affiliated with them, but I think its a great site to pass along. Registration is painless. And the best part is that its all 100% free. I probably used that site for 80% of my curriculum in the last teaching year, and the kids all loved the activities. Enjoy.



2 Responses to “e-Chinuch”

  1. peninah Says:

    My mother who is a teacher has done a lot of work for the Torah Umesorah Creative Learning Pavilion and she is OBSESSED with E-chinuch. I always find it ironic though that at the Torah Umesorah conventions they have major sessions on the evils of the internet and then they majorly promote e-chinuch. Whatever…

  2. stam Says:

    Yes, but at the conventions they also need to assist the big rabbeim in using the CLP computer stuff 🙂

    CLP ROCKS!!!!! (e-chinuch is run by people from here)

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