David Chu’s

I know that David Chu’s has scored very well in the kosher survey that was recently published.  And deservedly so.  I have always loved the food, the ambiance, and the service.  But after eating there twice now in the last two weeks, I’m thinking that times have certainly changed, especially in the wake of their supposedly new management.

On both occasions, I was there during the 5:00 hour, an obviously busy time, as that is when people go out for dinner.  While David Chu’s has always done well, and was always popular, I have never seen things so completely chaotic.  Luckily, we had made reservations today, because when we got there, the entire doorway area was filled with people waiting for tables.  The line was literally out the door.  After being seated, we had to wait over 5 minutes until our glasses were filled with water.  The ordering was quick, but two people in our party finished their appetizers before the other two people even got their appetizer.  We finally got our food after approximately 15 minutes, but after two bites, my wife had to call the waitress, as her mouth was now on fire due to someone giving her extra spicy sesame chicken…NOT what she had ordered.  The beef and broccoli was way too salty.  Other than that, the food was very good.  But we sat there waiting for 5 minutes before someone even noticed that we were finished and waiting for our check.  When we did get it, I was in a rush, so I took it straight to the cashier, and that probably saved me a good 10-15 minutes right there.

It’s very possible that  this surge in people at the restaurant is because of the kosher survey.  I don’t know.  But the service is starting to seriously slip.  When I was there last week, we never got our rice until we asked for it.  The lady gave us our check too early and had forgotten that we had ordered a birthday cake, thus ruining the surprise when we had to ask for it.  The waiters and waitresses were literally running to get to the kitchen and back, so it’s not an issue of laziness.  But they have to either somehow control the flow of people or do something to make sure that the quality of service continues like it used to be, or their ratings will drop very quickly.


5 Responses to “David Chu’s”

  1. AlanLaz Says:

    Interesting. I was there last week and had the same great service as usual. As for the line out the door, they can’t control how many people they are getting. As for screwing up your order – that’s a different story. They’d have to do a lot for them to lose their top spot in my rankings of kosher food establishments in Baltimore – that’s both in part due to my high views of them, and low views of other places…

  2. stam Says:

    will check it out tomorrow… (how cool is it that i can say that!?)

  3. Shoshana Says:

    I miss David Chu’s 😦

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