Maryland State Fair

Because of my role as Jewish educator, I was able to get a free pass to the Maryland State Fair, good for up to ten people. Since we had some family in town, we decided to make use of the coupon, and went to the fair yesterday. My family and I used to go as a matter of tradition year in and year out. This was where we’d stock up on book covers and pencils for the upcoming school year. It has been several years (probably 10) since I’ve gone, but I remember always enjoying going, so I looked forward to going this time.

Upon arrival, there was no parking, so we ended up parking quite far in ‘scout parking’ (only $5), and walked to the entrance. One of the first things we learned upon entering was that people like food. Not only do they like food, but they like greasy food, as the smell of grease and fried foods permeated the entire fairgrounds. If my visit to the fair was a lucky one, I will win at least 6 cars and over $100,000. So hopefully when they draw all the raffles, I’ll be rich. Yeah right.

I was also able to pick up some Ehrlich signs and bumper stickers, which was interesting, because while there was an O’Malley booth, there were definitely a lot more Ehrlich supporters out there. I saw people wearing Ehrlich stickers on their shirts throughout the time I was there, but not a single O’Malley sign.

Because it was so humid out, one of the highlights of the trip was visiting the Pepsi booth. If you sign a paper saying that you promise not to drink and drive, you got a free can of cold Pepsi. I guess they’re worried about 9 year-old’s drinking and driving, because they let my brother-in-law have a soda too.

There was one building where they awarded everyone who submitted things, like best cucumber, best tomato, etc. I don’t know how they judge these things, but there were three piles of hay, one with a first prize ribbon, one with a second prize ribbon, and one with a third prize ribbon. And they all looked identical. It’s just funny that they even judge hay. What’s next, pig manure? Most of the stuff that was there was entered by kids who were members of 4-H, and there was a group of them giving presentations on various things, like always wear a helmet when riding a bike. One presenter had the same exact name of someone in my family, so we ‘borrowed’ her name card and took pictures.

The only other exciting thing that happened was that I signed up for a credit card that gave me a t-shirt (with a Maryland crab on it) for signing up, as well as a free night’s stay in any Marriott in the world upon activation. Vacation, here we come.

Overall, I think the state fair is a great place to go if you have kids and money to spend. There are tons of arcades, rides, and games to play, but even if you don’t want to spend money on those things, you can always milk cows, pet rabbits, watch horse races, or see pigs swim. Older kids (teens) would probably be bored here.


3 Responses to “Maryland State Fair”

  1. AlanLaz Says:

    Be careful about signing up for the credit cards. I’m not sure what your credit is like, but if someone has bad credit and applies for a card just to get the free stuff, but gets rejected, it hurts your credit score. What all the rednecks at the O’s game don’t realize is getting rejected from loan applications is SO not worth the T-shirt. The best way to do it, morals aside, is to give them fake info.

  2. aishel Says:

    B”H we do have good credit. And its funny you should mention the O’s, because about a year ago, I got a tshirt and a years subscription to Sports Illustrated for signing up for a card. The second I got the card in the mail, I cancelled it, but the subscription was still good.

  3. soccer dad Says:

    I’ve driven around big chunks of Maryland ( Montgomery, PG, Howard, AA, Baltimore County and City) and seen (I think) more Ehrlich signs too. Of course I haven’t driven through the city neighborhoods most likely to have lots of O’Malley signs.
    Still I find it curious (and hopeful!) that there seem to be many more Ehrlich signs around.

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