Pachelbel’s Canon

I didn’t even know this video existed until I got it by email tonight, but this guy is amazing at guitar!  Push aside any feelings you have regarding the overplaying of Pachelbel’s Canon and just appreciate the guitar.

Apparently, there was a big to-do about figuring out who the guy who played it was, but the New York Times just published an article about him. Click here for the article. I would post the link to the original video, but it has over 7 million views and doesn’t seem to be working now, so the video above is another version of the same video.


5 Responses to “Pachelbel’s Canon”

  1. Sara K Says:


  2. Jewboy Says:

    It sounds really good, but I found it odd that you can hear other instrumentation, like drums, while the video appears to be one guy playing a guitar. Call me skeptical, but it looks like he could just be faking while a recording plays.

  3. aishel Says:

    I think the original Canon is being played in the background, although I can’t be sure of that.

  4. aishel Says:

    He based it on ‘JerryC’ who was the one who arranged Pachelbel’s Canon into the rockier version. You can see him play it here. As you can see in that video, there’s music playing before he starts to play himself.

  5. Aviva Says:

    Awesome! I love that song in it’s original version, but it’s very cool to hear it here, in the rockier version.

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