New Eruv List

Five points to the person who can find my picture in the newest Eruv list.


12 Responses to “New Eruv List”

  1. peninah Says:

    Did they send it out yet or do we have to pick it up somewhere? I am submitting my guess that your picture is on an ad for Gesher L’Torah?

  2. aishel Says:

    (I was hoping someone else would get this honor, but this is comment number 100 for this blog!!!)

    They sent it to us. It’s weird because our upstairs neighbor’s got it last Friday, so I’m not sure how its being distributed.

    Oh, and you’re wrong 😉

  3. Warren Says:

    I didnt receive it yet.

  4. stam Says:

    i dont have it but im guessing on ur mothers ad

  5. aishel Says:

    ding ding ding! And the award goes to stam!

  6. peninah Says:

    We got it today and I will one up Stam and give a (free) advertisement to your mom. Nice picture.

  7. stam Says:

    picture can also be found on the kitchen door (for a few months already), hehe

  8. stam Says:

    wait, what can i use these points towards already??

  9. stam Says:

    eh… ill take what i can get (though i must admit that balt couples are very friendly & inviting :))

  10. Topshot Says:

    And don’t forget… if you need a photographer for your upcoming simcha… or you want a REALLY flattering picture for shidduchim… it’s TOPSHOT PHOTOGRAPHY (a little self promotion, heh heh)…(thanks Natan) (and no, Natan did NOT like that picture because of his 5’oclock shadow and the fact that Hadassah was not smiling. But what baby smiles when they are hungry? And if you haven’t slept for more than 2 hours at a time, is shaving high on a new father’s priority list?)

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