You know Rosh Hashana is coming when…

  • All the ladies at Shoppers that you never knew were Jewish start talking babbling to your baby in Yiddish and how they should have a ‘shana tova and a mazildike yar’
  • You’re driving down Park Heights Ave. and you see scores of yeshiva bachurim walking with a towel over their shoulder and no bathing suit
  • They’re sold out of white yarmulkes at Pern’s and Shabsi’s
  • The line at the butcher is over an hour long
  • Every other blog you read starts with “Well, its that time of year again…”

Feel free to add your own!


4 Responses to “You know Rosh Hashana is coming when…”

  1. SephardiLady Says:

    LOL. I love the feeling of everyone coming out of the woodwork for the yontif. I end up chatting with every Bubbe or pre-Bubbe out there it seems and I have got great advice on all sorts of things while sorting through foods for simanim.

  2. peninah Says:

    That was good! I am now off to the Giant in Towson because I don’t want to deal with all the Jews around here. Am I horrible?

  3. Lanie Says:

    This morning I saw this older lady at come into Miller’s and start screaming at everybody in the store because the gefilte fish they gave her leaked on her shirt. It would have been much easier, and cheaper, for her to make it herself. Plus, I would not have my headache now from her ranting.

  4. Jewboy Says:

    Peninah-You go even further than I do to avoid frum people.

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