Rabbi Frand’s 2003 annual Teshuva Drasha

I was going through some of my files and found Rabbi Frand’s 2003 annual Teshuva Drasha, which I had recorded on my Yepp (which, when I bought it, was cutting edge technology holding an amazing 128mb!). I tried uploading it to various audio hosting sites, but for some reason, every time it was finished uploading, the file would play in a high, squeaky voice, as if it were being played on high speed. I finally uploaded it to my personal homepage at my university via FTP (maybe that’s the solution, I don’t know), and it seems to be working.

You can listen to it here or right-click to download it. It’s about 8mb and 70 minutes long. The clarity isn’t the best, but you can definitely understand what is being said without difficulty. I’m going to try and make it to the shiur tonight and record it, and if successful, I will post it here.


5 Responses to “Rabbi Frand’s 2003 annual Teshuva Drasha”

  1. Lanie Says:

    If you can tape the shiur tonight and get it online that would be GREAT! You will definitely be at the top of my favorite people list. Not that you and your lovely wife and daughter aren’t already on that list.

  2. BubbyT Says:

    would be greatly appreciated, but maybe you need to ask Rav Frand’s reshus before uploading this year’s shiur immediately. just a suggestion.

  3. aishel Says:

    Do you really think I need his permission? There are going to be hundreds, if not thousands of people there, and I’m willing to bet that over 100 of them are going to be recording it anyway. Why would I need permission if this is such a public event?

  4. Sara K Says:

    I will be listening tonight via telecast in NY…technology is amazing!

  5. BubbyT Says:

    maybe you are right…I already have a text report of what he said in Chicago last nite…I presume it will be the same teshuva drasha…I look forward to hearing it via your recording. thanks.

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