Interesting Google Maps Find Revisited

A while back, I had shown a picture of what was a government-owned Navy Seals building that was built in the shape of a Nazi Swastika.  But I hadn’t looked at the big picture, and I mean that literally.  I’m going to copy the original picture for reference.  Look’s like a swastika, right?  And on a government building!  For shame!

But now, let’s expand the satellite view.  You’ll see two other odd-shaped buildings just below and to the left of the Swastika building.  It took me a second to figure this out, but supposedly, these are two bomber’s on their way to bomb the Nazi’s!  They’re airplanes inside brackets, as highlighted below:

So maybe the Navy isn’t so bad afterall.  Either way, I found this interesting.


8 Responses to “Interesting Google Maps Find Revisited”

  1. peninah Says:

    That is crazy but aren’t you glad your not the guy working in the swastika building?

  2. BOTS member Says:

    Very interesting. Good find.

  3. Interesting Google Maps Find « Verbiage Says:

    […] Interesting Google Maps Find Revisited […]

  4. anonumus navy petty officer Says:

    I work in that building it is ACB-1 Amphibious Construction Battalion one it is not a navy seal building it is a Seabee building Construction Battalion, the building was built with the bomber plains in mind to be seen as attacking the swastika.

  5. Paul D Says:

    The reason they’re in ‘Brackets’ is because these are ‘Stealth’ Bombers, [B2’s]

  6. John Seanburough Says:

    This is obviously just a coincidence.

  7. thomas Says:

    those planes look like nazi eagles to me

  8. Matthew Says:

    actually despite the nazis use of it the swastika is a symbol of good luck and it is presumed that the nazi’s would not have been able to do what they had done without it as their symbol so maybe so good luck will come from it

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