Check Please!

I recently needed to order new checks, so I opened up the Sunday ads to see what was available. It seems that the two most common check companies are Checks Unlimited, and Checks in the Mail. I didn’t really like the offerings, so I went online to their websites to check out what I could find. One thing I found out very quickly is that you have to be really careful in adding up your total. While going online, I also came across some other companies, such as Artistic Checks and Designer Checks. While they all offer different prices, in the end, they are often the same, when you factor in shipping. One company had great prices on checks, especially when you consider that they offered a free 4th box of checks, but then you find out that shipping is $1.95 per box, which raises the price by $8. Other companies have service charges, charges for ordering by phone, charges for ordering by internet, etc.

The point is, before buying checks, make sure you really check your options. Also, do internet searches for offer codes and promotions. Chances are, if you’re ordering checks without a prmotion code, you’re overpaying.

I ended up buying my checks from Designer Checks. I paid $22.50 and I’m getting 4 boxes of duplicate checks as well as a free order of labels. This offer included free shipping, free fourth box, the extra labels, and optional custom lettering. Just enter offer code JL35 when you order.

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8 Responses to “Check Please!”

  1. Warren Moon Says:

    Many people now use online banking to send out checks. And its free.

  2. aishel Says:

    True. I guess I’m a bit old-fashioned in that sense. Does Provident Bank allow me to do that?

  3. BubbyT Says:

    yes, provident has online banking. you save on postage also, and you don’t forget about bills. just post the payment and date, the day you get your bill. it’s awesome.

  4. aishel Says:

    hmmm, sounds good. And it’s really free?

  5. Warren Moon Says:

    I have Wachovia and it’s free there. I don’t know anything about Provident, but I assume it is also free there.

  6. aishel Says:

    I just checked Provident’s FAQ and its free for the first six months, and $5.95 thereafter per month.

  7. Sara K Says:

    I use Washington Mutual. Checks are free and so is online banking. (I don’t think they have branches in Baltimore, though)

  8. BOTS member Says:

    I get checks from my bank. It’s free. I thought all banks do that.

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