My sister recently introduced me to Facebook. I’ve tried to stay away from it because I heard about how bad it can be, etc. But wow. This thing can be addicting.

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10 Responses to “Facebook”

  1. Diana Says:

    Your sister told me she was only using facebook to keep in touch with the kids she was working with and had to pretend like she didn’t know me.

  2. Lanie Says:

    Facebook is insanity. More so than myspace, in my opinion.

  3. peninah Says:

    What is the difference between facebook and myspace?

  4. aishel Says:

    Diana- She said it was only for her midwest groupies
    Lanie- What do you mean?
    Peninah- I totally forgot that I even had a myspace account until your hpprogs post, but going back, I find that myspace has a lot more of a messier feel to it than facebook. With facebook, the interface is very professional looking, and the interaction you can have with others is pretty good too. I like facebook better.

  5. Lanie Says:

    Facebook is the ultimate stalker. You can very easily see who is friends with who, but you can also see everything that your friends are doing. Who they’ve added as friends, who they’ve sent a message to, whose wall they wrote on. It’s a much clearer interface than myspace, also, and I’ve found the search engine works a lot better than myspace’s.

  6. peninah Says:

    Helana- do you have an account on either of these?

  7. Lanie Says:

    It’s Helanis, and I’m on Facebook.

  8. peninah Says:

    In case you don’t remember, I have always called you helana. But I will try to remember in the future. NOw I will have to join facebook.

  9. Shoshana Says:

    I had one extremely short forray into Facebook and quit almost immediately, mainly because I just didn’t have the patience to learn about another new site like that. But my biggest complaint about MySpace (which I signed up for to keep up with my brothers) is the fact that people’s music just starts playing when you open their page. It interferes with whatever music I am playing on my computer and invariably manages to confuse me until I realize what’s going on.

  10. stam Says:

    “Your sister told me she was only using facebook to keep in touch with the kids she was working with and had to pretend like she didn’t know me.”


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