Official graduation countdown begins

200 days!

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9 Responses to “Official graduation countdown begins”

  1. Shoshana Says:

    Mazel Tov in 200 days!

  2. peninah Says:

    That is so cool. I have to tell you though, TU graduation is extremely boring. It feels like a factory assembly line. You should definitely go though. You deserve it.

  3. aishel Says:

    Thanks, but graduation is on Shavuos, so I don’t think I’ll go :-/

  4. Sara K Says:

    Bummer that it is on Shavuos. Isn’t that illegal? I second Peninah, though–the graduation is very boring, but I am glad I went to mine.

  5. peninah Says:

    I can not believe it is on shavuos. that is really annoying. I didn’t go to my undergrad gracuation because I graduated after the summer (and didn’t really care), but there was something innately satisfying about standing up when they announced , “will all the candidates for a masters of science degree please rise.” After 5 long years in that place (undergrad and grad) it felt really good.

  6. aishel Says:

    I’m honestly not sure about legalities.

    I was talking to the former UMBC Hillel rabbi last Shabbos, and he told me that right before he left, he told the UMBC people that the graduation date was going to be on Shavuos and could they reschedule. They told him that since it was at the First Mariner Arena, they had to book it a long time ago, and that they couldn’t change it. So the UMBC Hillel rabbi told them to book a hotel right next to the Arena and offer rooms for the frum people to stay in so that they could attend the graduation. When UMBC told him that they couldn’t afford that, the rabbi responded, “don’t worry, no one is going to take you up on that offer (what frum person would want to stay in a downtown hotel for a two day yom tov all alone, just for graduation?) and that if anything, this can only improve UMBC’s image for trying to tackle the problem.”

  7. peninah Says:

    you should contact 1800-discrimination (snider and associates). They are the ones representing Police Officer Brown against Towson. 🙂

  8. aishel Says:

    hehe, I don’t care that much. And it’s not like its just the OT program. It’s the entire College of Health Profession. We’re having our own ‘Occupational Therapy Tea’ erev yom tov (moved a day earlier to accommodate us frummies), and that’s good enough for me.

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    […] my original post of the graduation countdown, I had mentioned in the commentsthat the graduation date was going to […]

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