My November 7 Election Ballot

If you don’t know that Tuesday is Election day, you live in a cave. That said, here’s my ballot for the upcoming election:

GovernorRobert Ehrlich, Republican
I’ve had his banner up on the top right side of my blog for a while now, so I think this one is pretty obvious. People still haven’t been able to tell me what O’Malley has done for Baltimore that we should allow him to be governor. Ehrlich was able to turn around a huge deficit ($4 billion) left over by the previous administration and turn it into a $2 billion surplus. Ehrlich has an additional soft spot in my heart because of his untiring dedication, support, and advocacy for people with special needs. People may say that he chose Kristen Cox as a running mate just because she is legally blind, but I think it’s just part of his nature that he would choose someone with a disability.

Comptroller Anne M. McCarthy, Republican
I honestly don’t know much about the comptroller’s role, but looking at the two candidate’s websites, I found that Peter Franchot was anti the whole slots idea that Ehrlich was pushing so hard for during the last election. I think that the slots could help revitalize Baltimore by bringing in more money to the area.

Attorney GeneralDouglas Gansler, Democrat
I also don’t know much about the attorney general and I wasn’t able to find anything very useful on their websites. I’m voting democrat on this one to show that I’m not a hardcore republican. If anyone knows anything about either Gansler or Rolle that might influence my decision, you’re welcome to leave a comment.

U.S. SenatorMichael Steele, Republican
I was undecided on this one for a while. I really liked what Ben Cardin had to say at the Baltimore Stands with Israel rally. While looking up their issues on their respective websites, I decided to vote for Steele because I like his ideas for change. And he actually took the time to write about his support for Israel on the website, something that is notably absent from Cardin’s site. I’m also opposed to Cardin’s stance on bringing home troops from Iraq immediately. Steele’s ideas are similar to Ehrlich’s, which isn’t too surprising, considering that he’s the current Lt. Governor.

Representative in Congress; Congressional District 3John White, Republican
Here’s another section that I don’t know much about. After reviewing both of their websites, I decided that I’m strongly in favor of White. John Sarbanes wants to help illegal immigrants obtain drivers licenses, college funding, and more. While that might be nice in reality, he’s forgetting that these immigrants are illegal immigrants. John White takes a strong stance against illegal immigration and that is an issue that I agree with.

There are several other sections on the ballot, however, they’re mostly uncontested. I’m not sure if there’s a point in voting/not voting for the uncontested candidates, but I figure I’ll cast my ballot in any case, if just to show that there are people out there that are voting.

The final part of the ballot, the questions, is another part I have trouble with. It’s hard to make an informed decision about changing certain laws or allocating funds to various causes without knowing the bigger picture. Therefore, if you have any input, I would greatly appreciate it!

Don’t forget to go out and vote on November 7!


7 Responses to “My November 7 Election Ballot”

  1. trw Says:

    Did it already! Nothing like the absentee ballot…

  2. soccer dad Says:

    I think Gansler is nothing more than a self promoter. If he wasn’t going to seek the death penalty there was no reason to hold the sniper trial – unless he was trying to raise his own profile.

    Of course Aron Raskas has Gansler signs along with his Ehrlich signs. So I guess others have a more positive view of him.

  3. Heber Brown, III Says:

    While our selections are vastly different, I appreciate you sharing your intent for the voting booth.

    I agree with your critique of O’Malley. I live in Baltimore and it has many of the same challenges that he promised to successfully address when running for mayor.

    As far as the race for U.S. Senator is concerned; I’m voting for Kevin Zeese. (Green, Libertarian, and Populist) Because of the politics of commercial media; many people haven’t heard Kevin’s message, but it really resonates with people like me that are fed up with two party politics in Maryland. I also agree with Zeese on the invasion of Iraq and a plan to get our troops home, post-secondary education, healthcare, and tax reform.

    If folks want to hear more about Zeese they can check out my blog:

    Again – thanks for sharing.

  4. LN Says:

    I think the only difference I had on mine was AG — I think I voted Republican on that one too, but for no good reason.

  5. aishel Says:

    Thanks Heber for your comment. Zeese is someone who I definitely would NOT vote for. I don’t know much about the guy, but ever since I took this picture illustrating Zeese supporters with pro-Palestinian supporters, I was very much turned off from him.

  6. Heber Brown, III Says:

    Wow. That was a quick response.

    I can see that we would probably be on the opposite ends of some issues. My perspective on the world around me is based on my experiences which color the lenses that I use to engage society. That’s not at all different from how all of us engage the world around us.

    I’ll visit your blog from time to time to read your very interesting posts and to offer my two cents on the issues you raise. Based on what I’ve read so far, I have a good idea of the things that we disagree on. My goal at this point is to read other posts on your blog to get a better understanding of where you’re coming from.


  7. aishel Says:

    In all honesty, our views and political opinions are developed by our personal backgrounds. As an Orthodox Jew, I’m going to vote for someone who is in favor or Israel and against terrorism. What made the picture I linked above worse was the fact that it was taken at the pro-Israel rally being held across the street (all my pictures from that rally can be found here).

    You won’t find too much on politics here, but every once in a while, I’ll post something of interest.

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