Anti-climatic voting experience

I just cast my ballot. No long lines. No registration problems. The electronic voting machine correctly recorded my ballot. And I didn’t even get my ‘I voted’ sticker that I got at the last election 😦

Here’s a picture of my ballot that I managed to sneak. As you can see, I did end up voting for Rolle over Gansler, after discussing the two candidates with Soccerdad.


9 Responses to “Anti-climatic voting experience”

  1. soccer dad Says:

    Wow, maybe I should go into politics. I convinced someone yesterday to vote for Ehrlich!

    I still won’t vote for Gladden based on her campaign 4 years ago. I haven’t seen her do anything to redeem herself then.
    Our representation in Annapolis is pathetic. I will vote for Tony Asa and no one else.
    (All 4 of them voted to override the Governor on the 3 bills that were reversed by the courts – Walmart, PSC and early voting. Their slogan should have been “Real reversals” instead of “Real results.” And in the case of the early voting bill Gladden and Rosenberg wrote a shameful letter to the editor of the Sun raising false allegations that Ehrlich’s election was somehow tainted.)

  2. aishel Says:

    Did you do a write in instead? She was uncontested so I didn’t even bother doing research on her.

  3. Shoshana Says:

    You didn’t get a sticker??? Why else would you go vote?

  4. soccer dad Says:

    I’m planning to leave her slot blank. Maybe I’ll write in Meryl Yourish. 🙂

  5. Diana Says:

    Do you usually take cameras with you into small private booths?

  6. terp Says:

    Sorry, but your candidates, like many GOP people this year, are going to be unemployed soon. And it show a lack of dignity not to concede. Ehrlich has been a petty and spiteful governor – dropping in his ‘prince of death’ to executive agencies to ferret out democrats who would hinder his bueracacy – he all but admitted to firing people just becuase of their party affiliation, and he initated a wholly false whisper campaign against O’Malley (that he was sleeping around). I’m not sure how religous people can support people who have agents paid to do lashon hara.
    And Ehrlich is down by 100,000 votes and Steele by 150,000 votes. It’s time to show some class and call their opponents and say “Congratulations – let’s hope we can make Maryland a better place.”

  7. aishel Says:

    Terp, I’ll agree that Steele probably lost his race. But considering the amount of absentee and provisional ballots that have yet to be counted, I think that the gubernatorial race can still swing the other way.

  8. Erica Says:

    Blame the Ehrlich loss on me, I didn’t vote.

  9. soccer dad Says:

    And if the Democrats had lost, they’d have had their lawyers out. Come on.

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