Uneducated Graduate Students

This is my first post using the Performancing Firefox extension, so hopefully it’ll come out OK.

I’m taking an elective from a different discipline than occupational therapy (OT), and I’ve found several differences.  The one that stands out the most, however, is the lack of ability for people to give a presentation and give out handouts without mistakes.  There are 4 OT students in this class, and it has come to the point where we make it into a game to see just how many mistakes we can find.  For example, last week, one guy was giving his presentation on a case study from a textbook.  In his four-page handout, I counted 28 mistakes that should have been very obvious had he only looked it over one time.  I mean, how can someone confuse ‘foreman’ with ‘foramen?’

If this was happening to only one or two people, I would be able to understand it, but when it happens as consistently as its been happening, something is wrong.  Anyone who is in a 600’s level graduate course should know basic spelling and grammar.  The fact that in one night I found over 20 mistakes on two separate handouts from two people says that something is wrong.  I know that if I were to hand in a paper with that many mistakes in the OT department, it would be returned to me by the teacher.  If I was the teacher, I’d return it.  I don’t know if our writing is just that good (I doubt it), or if their writing is just that bad.  It’s scary to think that these people will be healthcare managers.

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6 Responses to “Uneducated Graduate Students”

  1. Ariella Says:

    “If I was the teacher, Iā€™d return it.”
    Can you catch your own error in this sentence? To remember, think of a famous song in “Fiddler on the Roof”

  2. aishel Says:

    I don’t know any songs on the Fiddler on the Roof, but I would have to guess that the problem is that I ended my sentence with the word “it.” Oh, and I should have used ‘were’ instead of ‘was.’ It should say, “If I were the teacher, I’d return the paper.”

    But hey, this is a blog, not a paper I’m turning in šŸ˜›

  3. Ariella Says:

    The latter. Tevye sings “If I were a rich man. . . ” not “If I was”
    Fiddler on the Roof is classic. But, of course, I can listen to musicals without any kolisha problems. šŸ˜‰

  4. dreamer123 Says:

    it is a serious problem facing high school and college students.

    one of the major issues is the lack of ability to self edit. many just hand in papers without checking them over.

    i believe the rambam said that before one publishes anything, one should recheck it 1,000 times over.
    i would settle for three or four. eve that’s better than nothing.

    if you can’t edit your own paper, at least hand it to a friend to do so. i used to edit many a paper while my friends were attending college.

  5. CPA Says:

    Hmm maybe I should install Firefox, looks interesting. Too bad about the editing but what can you do?

  6. LN Says:

    Completely unrelated, but I think I’d like it better if links opened up in a new tab rather than in the same one šŸ™‚

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