Math Nerds

Bringing nerdedom (I just made up that word) to a whole new level, I found this a cappella group of what looks like high-school students singing their love for math and equations. But I must say, as nerdy as it is, its very well done and clever.


7 Responses to “Math Nerds”

  1. CPA Says:

    I thought it was pretty clever myself. If you didn’t mention the math I porbably would not have figured out it was math.

  2. aishel Says:

    Mazel Tov CPA on getting my 300th comment for this blog! Thanks everyone for commenting 🙂

  3. CPA Says:

    I read mazel tov and I am like what the heck, and then I saw so I am honored to be the 300th commentor. I don’t know how you found out that you have 300 comments. I have a way of knowing how many posts I have but comments I have no idea. How did you find that out?

  4. aishel Says:

    It’s one of the features of WordPress 😉

  5. dreamer123 Says:

    very well done.
    the singer has a really good voice.

    what i found hilarious was the people laughing at the math puns in the background.
    i mean, you’ve got to be a real math geek to get those jokes.

  6. dreamer123 Says:

    following was written by one of them on the “klein Four” website.
    They’re a group from morthwestern universtiy mathematics department.

    The Klein Four, some may say, is just a bunch of nerds who know how to sing. Maybe so, but I feel that the reason we sound so great is because we are singing about our lifelong passion, mathematics. From the success of our first hit single Finite Simple Group (of order two) it appears we have touched mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike. I am proud of what the Klein Four has accomplished, namely, making great music and great lifelong friendships.

    I call Northwestern University Mathematics Department in Evanston, IL my home. I am currently working in an area of mathematics called stable homotopy theory under the direction of Paul Goerss. It has been a long journey, and the end is so close yet so far away. I would like to thank my family and friends for the love and support I have received throughout my career.

  7. aishel Says:

    Interesting. Thanks Dreamer!

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