Where’s the old David Chu’s?

I just had lunch at David Chu’s, and I came out very disappointed. I had previously written about how David Chu’s has been getting busier and busier and that their service was heading downhill. This time, the restaurant was pretty empty, and the food came out almost right away. I ordered the usual: wonton soup, egg roll, and extra-spicy General Tso’s chicken with white meat.

On receiving the soup, I proceeded to start eating it, but noticed right away that the taste was different. In fact, it had no taste. My wife observed the same in her soup. We requested salt, but that didn’t change anything. At this point, the waitress started saying something about a new chef (it was hard to understand her fully because of her accent) and that the recipe may have changed. She took our soup and promptly got us new bowls of wonton soup. While this time it had slightly more taste, it was still very watery. The waitress again mumbled something about a new chef, and nicely took away our soup and apologized profusely. Apparently, she told the manager, because she came and asked us what was wrong, and when we told her that the soup had no taste, she, too, apologized. When it came time to pay the bill, we weren’t charged for the soup.

Anyways, we then started on our egg rolls. After one bite, my wife and I looked at each other and agreed that this also tasted different. But for once, I actually like these egg rolls better than the original egg rolls. It was hard to place my finger on what it was exactly, but I think it was slightly spicier.

On to the next course, we were served our chicken. While the chicken was delicious, the sauce was noticeably not as sweet as it is usually. General Tso’s chicken is supposed to have a sweet batter. This just tasted like regular batter, with no sweetness whatsoever. My wife observed the same in her sesame chicken.

Thinking back to what our waitress said about getting a new chef, I now remember Kosher Bite advertising that they were proud to announce that they now had the former chef from David Chu’s cooking their Chinese food. Is it time to go try the Chinese food at Kosher bite?


7 Responses to “Where’s the old David Chu’s?”

  1. Sara K Says:

    Oh, don’t tell me David Chu’s isn’t good anymore…now there is really no place to eat out when I come back to Baltimore.

  2. peninah Says:

    I always thought their soups tasted bland (even with the old cook).

  3. Eliezer Says:

    Actually – I heard that the KB owners and the chef had a dispute a ways back, and Kosher Bite fired the David Chu’s chef guy.

    So – you may be out of luck there, too.

    Personally – I still find it odd that most of the kosher Chinese food in town is cooked by Mexicans.

    Makes me wonder what would happen if someone opened a kosher Mexican place. Chinese taco’s? šŸ™‚

  4. aishel Says:

    Sara: It’s still good. Things have definitely changed, though.

    Peninah: I’ve only had the wonton soup before, never really wanted to try anything else, but in this case, it seriously had no taste. Usually it has a strong taste (for me, anyway).

    Eliezer: Is this your first time posting here? Welcome! It’s true what you say about the Mexicans…pretty funny.

  5. Greg Says:

    Interesting. I will have to go and check it out.

    Is it time to go try the Chinese food at Kosher bite?

    These words should never be uttered. šŸ˜‰

  6. BOTS member Says:

    There was an add recently that the David Chu’s chef went to kosher bite. I always liked the chinese at kosher bite anyway, so whatever.

    I ate at David chu’s 3 weeks ago and I liked it. It’s funny because one of my wife’s complaints is that a lot of the stuff is too sweet, so maybe this is a change for the better for her.

  7. LN Says:

    I had some Chinese at KB a few weeks back, and it didn’t compare at all to what I had at David Chu’s (although I haven’t eaten there since the end of May).

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