Another great invention has come to Baltimore. Redbox. Redbox is a DVD kiosk system where you can rent movies. The Redbox concept is actually quite genius. Basically, they set up the kiosks in many very accessible and public locations. Until recently, I only knew about the one at McDonalds next to the Knish Shoppe. They charge you $1 per movie per night. No late fees ever. So if you’re in the mood for a movie, go to your local Redbox kiosk, get your movie, and return it the next day for only $1. It’s a lot cheaper than going to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, which charges you at least $3 or $4 per rental. And even if yoy have it for two or three days, it can still be cheaper. And since they put them in such publicly accessible areas, they’re available just about anytime, even when most stores are closed. They recently put in a Redbox at Shoppers, and since they’re open 24/7, you can get movies from there just about anytime (although, I think effective end of December, Shoppers will start closing at midnight).

Also, if you go to the Redbox website and sign up for their mailing list, they’ll email you a code for you to get a free nights rental for a DVD. Alternatively, you can go to Inside Redbox for a whole list of codes for free DVD rentals (hat tip: WM). The only thing I ask of you is that you park the right way when heading to Shoppers.

Update on 12/4/2006 at 10:22am:

I forgot to add that they have a pretty good collection of DVD’s with about 40 titles.  You can even reserve the titles online and pick it up at your convenience.



9 Responses to “Redbox”

  1. stam Says:

    SHOPPERS WILL BE CLOSING AT MIDNIGHT?????????? Nooooooooooooo…..

    Redbox in there must be VERY recent….

  2. aishel Says:

    That’s what the sign on their door says. I think effective December 23rd.

    And they got the Redobx about a week or two ago.

  3. Lanie Says:

    Not that I’ve ever gone into Shopper’s after midnight, but it was nice to have the option. Also, the 24 hour Rite Aid on Seven Mile is no longer 24 hours, which is annoying in case you ever have a late-breaking prescription that you need to get filled immediately.

  4. stam Says:

    how do you always know all the hock in balt before it happens??

    Lanie- the rite aid next to 7mile??

    what is happening to this city?

  5. Donny Says:


    The redbox has been sitting in shoppers for more than a week. The sign about the new hours is clearly pasted on the door.

  6. peninah Says:

    I feel so fortunate to have the pulse of important Baltimore news right at my fingertips. Thumbs up for Baltimore bloggers! (we should all have a meetup- well those of us who aren’t anonymous anyway…)

  7. swski Says:

    Only in Baltimore?:(

  8. aishel Says:

    And a few other cities. They’re pretty new. I think they’re slowly expanding to more and more cities.

  9. swski Says:

    Let me know when they come to NY.

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