Sweet Potato Soda

Jones Soda has once again put out their holiday soda for this year. So run to your nearest Target and pick up a gift pack! It’s kid friendly…so gross, they just have to try it! And since we like to have nutrition in mind, it has zero calories, zero caffeine, and zero carbs. And of course 100% kosher.

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5 Responses to “Sweet Potato Soda”

  1. TikkunGer Says:

    LOL, now if it only came in a tube!

    The WP theme you have here was one of the first I used on my blog, i loved it a lot!

    BTW any interest in a link exchange?

  2. peninah Says:

    I think I might throw up in my mouth.

  3. hisB Says:

    This radio station here did a whole thing on it this morning. They all pretended to drink a meal of sweet potato soda mixed with dinner roll soda, turkey and gravy soda, and antacid soda. Then all pretended to puke, etc. Sickening, but I’m definitely gonna have to try em all. Maybe even mix them together, like that gum the blueberry girl got to chew.

  4. swski Says:


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