OnlySimchas Rant

I see this happen all the time on OnlySimchas (OS), and for some reason, I get upset about it every time. Basically, people find out their friends get engaged so they rush to post it on OS. Problem is that they don’t know the fiance’s name, so they tend to write “Engagement of Shira Cohen and Lucky Guy!” or “Engagement of Shlomo Stein to Devorah T.” (made up names). My theory is that if they don’t know the name of one of the sides in a simcha, they should not be posting it on OS. The OS terms of service clearly states: “I have the permission of the celebrants to post this information on” If they don’t even know the names of the people involved, how can they have gotten permission to post it in the first place?

It’s a small thing, but it irks me to no end.

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10 Responses to “OnlySimchas Rant”

  1. BOTS member Says:

    Yes, my wife mentions this too. You’re right, it’s ridiculous.

  2. stam Says:

    One of my biggest pet peeves as well!!!
    You obviously are not that close enough with the chusson/kallah to be posting it, if you don’t know their fiance’s name!!
    (btw, i think i know who’s engagment spurred this post…?)

  3. LN Says:

    A little birdie tells me when I got engaged the poster called up my chosson’s mother to ask permission to post it 😉

  4. aishel Says:

    Alan, I think I started reading your blog around February, but good call.
    Stam, yes, we’re thinking of the same person. Said person had their simcha posted three times. The first two didn’t have his last name at all, and the third one spelled her name wrong I think.
    LN, LOL. I totally forgot about that. But hey, at least I asked!

  5. Elise Says:

    I can’t stand that!! It’s so obnoxious. They should just chill out and atleast an hour!
    I really like the new theme!

  6. aishel Says:

    Thanks, Elise 🙂

  7. peninah Says:

    Aishel and Alan- I beat you both at this.

    But, as we can all see, great minds think alike!

  8. Warren Moon Says:

    Looks like a blorgy in here.

  9. Elise Says:

    Also, when a Chosson or Kallah writes a love note to their future spouse professing his/her love to only appr. 1 million people.

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