Pre-fab Menorah kits: Not safe

A friend of mine sent me the following:

Please pass this on as you see fit.

I’m writing this letter to raise awareness about a fire hazard with
commonly used menorah accessories. Tonight, the pre-filled glass cups
in our menorah became so hot, they literally melted, causing fire to
leak out from the menorah and on our table. The glass cups were so
hot, they fused together. Luckily my wife noticed the fire almost
immediately and I was able to put it out. But had we been in another
room, there’s a good chance the fire could have been catastrophic.
The pre-filled oil glass set was purchased at AtoZ Savings, and it’s
also available at Perns. It may be available at other retailers in
Baltimore and throughout the nation.
I am including a link to pictures of the menorah and glasses after the
fire. Also in the photo album is pictures of the box of the pre-filled
oil glass set.
The set is called “Chanuka Oil Candles” (Item OCCL-25/44) and is
distributed by Ahron’s
Judaica in Brooklyn, NY.
After speaking with someone who is more familiar with using glass
cups, I was informed that the metal wick holder actually conducts
heat, thereby raising the temperature of the fire. Perhaps a recall is
in order.

Please see the following URL for pictures

Chanuka Sameach and stay safe.

Pretty crazy photos! I also use a pre-fab menorah kit, but mine has no metal pieces. Still, its a good reminder on how we really should be staying home until the Menorah’s are completely extinguished. People have the false sense of security that since things are burning smoothly, they can leave their house. What happened to Shalom was only on the third night. Imagine if it had been on the 7th or 8th night, where there are a lot more oil things lit…the heat would be a lot stronger.


9 Responses to “Pre-fab Menorah kits: Not safe”

  1. anon Says:

    Glass should not do that from such small flames, even if the metal holder increases the heat. It would crack-apart/shatter before it melted (as they sometimes do with shabbos candles). They must made out of plastic or some sort of composite.

  2. Erica Says:

    That is so scary. We do not use the pre-made oil things but we do put one of those metal wick holders into a glass oil cup. Do you think that is just as dangerous? I know you’re not a fire marshall or anything but what would you think?

  3. Y-Love Says:

    I’m also publicizing this. This is a hazard which the community must know about. See This is Babylon.

  4. Warren Moon Says:

    According to Y-love’s blog, it look like the problem is that the cups are plastic, and not glass.

  5. Tova Says:

    Thanks for the info aishel. I removed the metal piece on my shamash this evening because it kept going out– I relit it and the cup started to melt. I have the non-jelled oil version. Keep an eye on this stuff.

    Y-Love, nice set at Makor motza”sh.

  6. nyfunnyman Says:

    i would contact the manufacturer and really talk to them about a recall. if they balk, there is no doubt that they would be liable in court for strict products liability.

  7. Warren Moon Says:

    Anyone who had an incident with that oil set should report it at:

  8. aishel Says:

    I just got a phone call from the Shomrei Emunah phone tree. They said that Rabbi Tuvia Meister has documented at least five fires here in Baltimore from the lights. Supposedly, the mistake is on the Chinese side…they were supposed to make the cups out of glass, but the cups were actually made of plastic.

  9. Sarah Says:

    There have been AT VERY LEAST six documented fires in Teaneck — none that I am aware were tragic.

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