Song suggestions needed

I just found out that since I’m a student at Towson Univeristy, I have access to over 2.5 million songs, all of which are free for me to download.  My school has partnered with Cdigix, which has its own music player that you download.  Once you log in using your school email address, you have access to over 2.5 million songs.  They’re all downloadable for free.  The downside, of course, is that you can’t download them to your mp3 player.  However, you do get to keep the file permenantly on your computer (and up to one other I think).  There is an option to pay $6.95/month to be able to transfer files to your mp3 player, but my iPod only holds 2gb, so I don’t need any more songs on there.  But I am looking to increase my song collection on my computer.
I don’t have a radio in my car, so I’ve been kind of out of the loop on all the latest music, so if you have any song suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comments. No rap or too much heavy metal please.  I don’t mind country either.


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  1. soccer dad Says:

    If you like country music I’d recommend the best of Ricky van Shelton. It’s too bad he drank himself out of a career.

  2. AlanLaz Says:

    A couple more country songs:

    Allan Jackson – It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere
    Big & Rich – Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
    Kenny Chesney – She Think’s My Tractor’s Sexy
    Trace Adkins – Honky Tonk Bondonkadonk

  3. peninah Says:

    Oooh. This is exciting. I want to warn you I will be coming back here a bunch of times today and posting more and more songs as they come to me (maybe this is all part of my grief process over the loss of my iPod). And do they offer this service to TU alumni?!?

    If you want country here are a few good ones:

    Sarabeth (also called Skin) by Rascall Flatts
    Live Like You were dying (GREAT SONG) – Tim McBride
    My next 30 years- Tim McBride
    Austin- Aah, I am having a mental block about the artist. Will get back to you on that.

    Obviously, anything O.A.R.. is good (IMHO)- but if you want specific suggestions ask and I will tell you.

    Mr. Brightside- The Killers
    Somebody Told me= The killers
    Stacey’s Mom- Fountains of Wayne (fun song)

    I will post more later. I can’t wait.

  4. peninah Says:

    OK here we go (I am looking at my iTunes library- I am only giving you the ones that are “sing out loud worthy”

    America- Simon and Garfunkel
    Ants Marching- Dave Matthews Band
    Beautiful World- Colin Hay
    Buddy Holly- Weezer
    G-d Bless The USA- Lee Greenwood
    How To Save a Life- The Fray
    I Love To Boogie- T-Rex
    500 Miles- The Proclaimers
    Jesse’s Girl- Rick Springfield
    Carry On My Wayward Son- Kansas
    ANY WEIRD AL YANKOVIC (seriously- especially his original stuff like “One More Minute”)
    Overkill- Colin Hay
    Play That Funky Music White Boy- Wild Cherry
    Sitting, Waiting, Wishing- Jack Johnson
    Sunday Bloody Sunday- U2
    Beautiful Day- U2
    Stuck in the Moment- U2
    the 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy)- Simon and Garfunkel
    Town Called Malice- The Jam
    London Calling- The Clash
    Word Up- Cameo
    Shiny Happy People- R.E.M.

    There is so much more, but either I can’t think of it, or it doesn’t meet your criteria. Enjoy!

  5. peninah Says:

    Here I am again. Soccerdad was kind enough to e-mail me privately and tell me that it is Tim McGraw and not McBride and of course I know that and I don’t know what i was thinking (all of the Harry Potter Excitement kept me up late last night!!!). So, scrap the Tim McBride (whoever he is?!?) and change it to Tim McGraw, son of Tug McGraw, Husband of Faith Hill.

  6. LN Says:

    Peninah, Austin is by Blake Shelton.
    Personally, my favorite which I’ve not heard in years is Mark Wills’ Don’t Laugh At Me. I’m a sucker for meaningful songs. I’m sure there were a lot of others I liked, I just can’t remember any 🙂

  7. aishel Says:

    Wow Peninah, et al., thanks so much! I’ve downloaded a bunch of what you suggested, and a lot of it is sounding great.

    Keep the suggestions coming if you can! 🙂

  8. SaraK Says:

    Off the top of my head…I like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nickelback, and The Killers. Will have to look at my iTunes library when I am back at my own computer.

  9. Elise Saks Says:

    Wow, where do I start?

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Under The Bridge
    Three Doors Down – Kryptonite
    311 – Amber
    ABBA – Dancing Queen
    Aerosmith – Dream On
    The All American Rejects – It Ends Tonight
    Men At Work – Down Under, Who Can It Be Now?
    The Ataris – Boys Of Summer (remake of some 80’s song)
    Babyface/Eric Clapton – Change the World
    Babyface/Stevie Wonder – How Come, How long
    Babyface/Kenny G. – Everytime I Close my Eyes
    Any Beatles
    Billy Joel – Tell Her about it
    Billy Joel – Piano Man
    Blackalicious – Make You Feel that Way
    Blink 182 – Whats my age again?, Adam’s Song
    Bob Marley – Jammin’
    Bush – The Chemicals Between Us
    Coldplay – X&Y, Don’t Panic, Talk
    David Gray – Sail Away, This Years Love, Babylon
    Foo Fighers – Learn To Fly, Generator, Aurora
    Goo Goo Dolls – Black Balloon, All Eyes On Me, Iris
    ANY Green Day
    Hall and Oates – Man on a Mission
    Incubus – Drive, I miss you
    Jimmy Eat World – Pain
    John Mayer – Waiting for the world to change (AlanLaz talked about this song)
    Lifehouse – Hanging by a moment, Simon
    Lostprophets – Last Train Home
    ANY Madonna!!
    Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al
    ANY Phil Collins!!
    Seal – Waiting for you
    Simon and Garfunkel – Mrs. Robinson
    Sting – Fields of Gold
    Stroke 9 – Letters, Washin’ and Wonderin’
    The Strokes- 12:51, Last Night
    Toby Keith – Whiskey Girl
    Tracy Chapman – Fast Car
    ANY U2!!
    Weezer – The Sweater Song, Buddy Holly

    Have fun!

  10. dreamer123 Says:

    actually, though I do like Tim Mcgraw’s “live like you were dying” , the message is really not the kind of thing i would do if i were told i don’t have much time left, c”vs.

    But it’s a great song nonetheless.

    here are my suggestions:

    Complicated – Avril Lavigne
    Hear You Me – Jimmy Eat World
    You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban
    I Hope You Dance – Lee Ann Womack
    Something Worth Leaving Behind – Lee Ann Womack
    To Where You Are – Josh Groban
    Bad Day – Daniel Powter
    Break Away – Kelly Clarkson
    Little Boxes – Pete Seeger or Malvina Reynolds
    The Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel
    Cats n Cradle – Harry Chapin
    Flowers are Red – Harry Chapin

    I happen to really not listen to non-jewish music that much.
    These are just songs that caught my attention while out shopping or something or another, and that I really liked.

  11. aishel Says:

    Wow guys, this is awesome!

    Elise, your comment somehow went into the spam folder, but its now up. Thanks for your suggestions! I’ve been busy downloading away 🙂

  12. Jewboy Says:

    I can’t help you much with new music because I am old school and not into what these kids are listening to nowadays (with a few exceptions). Since my wife changed my life forever by giving me an Ipod I have been in love with the thing. I probably listen mostly to Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, whom I consider to be the greatest songwriters of all time and whose music I have much of on my Ipod.

  13. Elise Saks Says:

    I was wondering why it didn’t post right away! Please let me know if you want more suggestions. 🙂 Did you enjoy your holiday?

  14. Elise Saks Says:

    Also, I used to attend Towson, but I’m not a current student. Is it free for former students that aren’t Alumni?

  15. aishel Says:

    Elise, all you need is a Towson email address. Do you still have that?

    And Jewboy, I think your university is also partnered with CDigix, so you can take advantage of this stuff too.

  16. Sara K Says:

    I like seeing everyone else’s suggestions…might have to check ’em out for myself. Here are a few more of mine.
    We are The Champions – Queen
    Almost – Bowling for Soup
    Snakes on a Plane soundtrack
    Two Princes – Spin Doctors
    Shrek Soundtrack
    Matchbox 20
    Fighter – Christina Aguilera
    Savage Garden
    Follow Me – Uncle Kracker

  17. Jewboy Says:

    I downloaded the Ctrax player and thought it was awesome, but then it totally slowed down our computer. I couldn’t do anything so I had to delete it. I’ve gotta figure out a way to run it without ruining the computer, because I’d love to download a lot of music from it.

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