Getting your VEIP extended

If anyone recently got notice that you have to have your car tested for emissions at your local VEIP (Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program), it is possible to get the inspection deadline extended by about four months for free and you don’t need an excuse.  All you have to do is go to their website and follow the prompts.  My deadline was March 28, 2007, but I knew that with school and everything, it wasn’t going to get done.  After getting it extended, my new deadline is August 1.



I’ve noticed that when I’m crazy busy with school, I somehow have plenty to blog about.  However, when I have it easy (like I have for the last week), I have absolutely nothing to blog about.  Maybe there’s a correlation.


This is hysterical:


It’s about time, darn it!

Alleged Pledge v2.0

As a follow up to my original post (that was also picked up by Orthonomics), I got the following in the mail today. It came in an envelope with a very nice yellow image in the shape of legal pad paper saying, “Remember our telephone conversation?” At the top of the following letter, it says in big, bold letters, “Sponsor One Shabbos Raffle Pledge Reminder”

Dear Mr. Aishel

Thank you again for your warm response to our Telephone Raffle Campaign on 11/26/2006, with your pledge of $18.00. Your raffle numbers have already been electronically entered into the final drawing to win $3,600.00 in cash, which will IY”H be held in May ’07.

Sitting at a Shabbos table without food, on a cold Friday night in Jerusalem or Sefad is painful beyond belief. Thanks to your contribution, joy will replace despair, and the warm glow will replace hunger, thereby turning their Shabbos into the day it is meant to be.

However, in order for us to provide Shabbos food to these needy families, we are counting on you, Mr. Aishel, to please redeem your pledge of $18.00.

Thank you in advance for your prompt response and may the merit of this special mitzvah bring upon you good health, happiness and success in every endeavor.


P.S. Please help us defray the expense of additional reminders by sending in your contribution promptly. Your immediate response will enable us to provide more Shabbos food to the needy.

What chutzpah! Not only did I never pledge anything, now they’re trying to make me feel bad by saying that they already entered me? And if they really wanted to defray costs, they’d stop sending bogus mailings requesting pledged money that was never pledged.

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Good cop

Like Alanlaz, I was lucky enough to get a good cop to pull me over.  I was driving around a big bend in the road on Boyce Ave. when a cop caught me going 37mph in a 25mph zone.  The second I saw him, I knew I was busted.  But I knew that things were going to be good when he came over to me and said, “Sir, you were going 37 in a 25.  Let me see your licence only, please.”  I’ve never heard of giving a cop only a drivers license, and my hand was halfway to the glove compartment before the fact that he only wanted my drivers license registered in my brain.

When he came back to my car, he issued me a warning.  He even went so far to say that if I frequent that road often, that I should be careful, because the neighbors had been complaining of speeders on that street, so he was there as a response, and that cops would continue to be there in the future.

“Yes sir, and duly noted.”

Nice cop.


As you may or may not have noticed, if I have tons of links in a blog post, a little popup window shows up with a preview of that website’s picture.

If you find it annoying, let me know and I’ll disable the feature.  If you want to disable it for yourself, you can do so by clicking on options on the hover window and selecting to disable it (cookies required, yum).  I just like it because I like to have a view of what website I’m looking at without having to commit to clicking it. For more info on this, you can visit Snap Preview’s website, or visit WordPress’ two blog posts about the feature.