Anyone who has known me for a little bit knows that today is a special day.  So to celebrate, we went to the Brasserie.  I’m always amazed at just how quickly the total can go up, but I guess that’s just the nature of the restaurant.  The point of this post is to rant about certain people and talk about the service I experienced at the Brasserie.

First, I don’t care how important you are in the city.  If you must have your phone on, please, just turn it to vibrate.  When you’re trying to have a quiet dinner, it just isn’t fun to have to hear  some crazy song at the loudest possible volume.  Seven times.  And I don’t blame him for having his phone on.  In his capacity, he needs to have his phone on.  But I don’t think there are any phones out there that don’t have a vibrating feature.  So please, just turn it to vibrate.

When we got to the Brasserie, the place was completely empty except for one other couple that against the back windows.  So where did the waiter place us?  At the table right next to them.  I mean, the entire room was empty!  Did he have to put us right there?  Of course we asked him for a more private table, so we were put on the complete opposite side of the room, which was fine by me.   The only other issue I had with the service was regarding my water.  I like to have my glass filled with water.  I drink a lot, and I felt that the waiter should have been more on top of my glass.  Especially considering how empty it was tonight.  At one point, I had to ask him three times to get my water until he finally remembered to actually bring it.  I found that instead of paying even a little attention to my table, he was joking around with the kitchen staff.  I’m not trying to sound like a needy brat, but I do feel that the service could have been a bit better.

Regarding the food, we got an interesting appetizer called medallion of beef, which was three cubes of beef served with fried onions and two pieces of very large corn tortilla’s.  While the beef cubes were very good, I felt that the tortilla’s were awful.  Overall, definitely not worth the $14.95.  For the main course, the only complaint I had was that the ribs had way too much fat on them.  Probably a good 20% of all the meat had fat that had to be removed.  But otherwise, they were awesome.


Pickup line overheard at Starbucks

I was at the newest Starbucks in Baltimore doing some homework when two older adults, aged approximately 75 years old, walked in.  They had apparently never been to Starbucks before because they were wondering about ordering a small or medium coffee, and the cashier kept on explaining that small was tall, medium was grande, and large was vente.  Like three times.

Anyway, the guy finally orders his coffee, when the following conversation takes place:

Cashier (~17 year old girl): “Would you like cream or sugar with your coffee?”
Old man #1: “No thanks. If you want, though, you can stir the coffee with your finger.  That will definitely sweeten it up.”
Cashier: [Half-hearted laughter]
Old man #2:  “Don’t  listen to him, he’s a dirty old man!”

I was sitting in my seat hearing this, and I started laughing out loud, as did the people sitting at the next table over. Regardless of the inappropriateness of his flirting, I thought it was a funny and clever line.