Pickup line overheard at Starbucks

I was at the newest Starbucks in Baltimore doing some homework when two older adults, aged approximately 75 years old, walked in.  They had apparently never been to Starbucks before because they were wondering about ordering a small or medium coffee, and the cashier kept on explaining that small was tall, medium was grande, and large was vente.  Like three times.

Anyway, the guy finally orders his coffee, when the following conversation takes place:

Cashier (~17 year old girl): “Would you like cream or sugar with your coffee?”
Old man #1: “No thanks. If you want, though, you can stir the coffee with your finger.  That will definitely sweeten it up.”
Cashier: [Half-hearted laughter]
Old man #2:  “Don’t  listen to him, he’s a dirty old man!”

I was sitting in my seat hearing this, and I started laughing out loud, as did the people sitting at the next table over. Regardless of the inappropriateness of his flirting, I thought it was a funny and clever line.


4 Responses to “Pickup line overheard at Starbucks”

  1. peninah Says:

    LOL! You can laugh as long as you never become one of those (dirty) old men.

    Would you believe I didn’t even know they were building a new Starbucks (I guess my husband only blogs about food/drink things that are important to him) until we passed by it on Sunday? i am so excited!

  2. Anony Says:

    Since when do they offer milk or sugar at Starbucks, isn’t that a do it yourself thing?

  3. aishel Says:

    Peninah, its been open for more than a week already 🙂 You’ll love the decor…its very contemporary. You go in there, and you feel like you just walked into an Ikea showroom.

    Anony, like I mentioned in my post, it was obvious that these people has never been in a Starbucks before. I guess she was just trying to be nice.

  4. Sara K Says:

    Inappropriate, but very funny. Nice that there’s now a closer Starbucks to the ‘hood. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m back in town.
    (Just noticed I am on your blogroll…thanks!)

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