Alleged Pledge

Way back in September, SephardiLady had a post about the do’s and don’t of solicitation (in two parts). I’d like to add one more. It only bugged me a little bit, but when it happened the third time, I decided to blog about it.

Recently, we’ve had several phone calls appealing for money for various organizations. They usually ask me to pledge x amount of dollars. I don’t like to do that, so I usually tell them to just send me an envelope with their brochure, and we’ll assess it then. I’m always careful not to make any pledge whatsoever. One day, I come home and my wife asks me, “I didn’t realize we pledged $36 to X organization. I thought I told you we already spent all of our ma’aser money.” I look down at the envelope, and sure enough, its the same organization that I had spoken to a few days earlier. Now that just ticks me off. In one particular case where this happened, I remember specifically telling the person on the phone that my wife deals with ma’aser, so I can’t pledge anything, just send me your envelope.

I think its a huge chutzpah that they then go ahead and make it as if we pledged something. Not only does this make me not want to give them, it probably messes up their financial records because they write in their accounting books that a certain amount of money was pledged, and can use that information to obtain loans. But since I’m now mad at them and not sending them any money, they’re not going to make as much as they forcasted.