It’s about time, darn it!


10 Responses to “Snow”

  1. Smiley Says:

    Snow? Where? LOL

  2. Smiley Says:

    OMG I just looked out the window LOL

  3. peninah Says:

    Shush. Just shush. I hate snow.

  4. aishel Says:

    Peninah, its the end of January. You’ve been lucky thus far, deal with it 😛

  5. stam Says:

    lets just say im not looking so forward to coming home tomorrow from sunny florida….

  6. aishel Says:

    Don’t worry stam, there’s barely any snow left.

  7. de'artist Says:

    Ok, so we were yotzeh winter now. When is spring coming?

  8. aishel Says:

    You guys are all a bunch of wussies. C’mon guys! Enjoy the winter! Wouldn’t you rather be cold than hot? I know that I sure would.

  9. Elise Says:

    I agree with Aishel, I can’t stand the summer, esp the humidity. I’m especially excited about the snow because I work in a school now!

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