Official Graduation Countdown

One-hundred days until graduation!

In my original post of the graduation countdown, I had mentioned in the commentsthat the graduation date was going to fall out on Shavuos, and I would therefore not be able to go.  This was going to affect the entire College of Health Professions.  However, I have now learned that they will have a special ceremony on the Friday after Shavuos for those who can’t attend their regular graduation because of Shavuos.  So it looks like I will be walking down after all.

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3 Responses to “Official Graduation Countdown”

  1. peninah Says:

    Oooh- sounds like it is going to be intimate. Perhaps your familymight even be able to see you. neat!

  2. dreamer123 Says:

    hatzlachah with everything!

    glad that all your hard work will soon pay off…

    better start practicing your “step, togeher; step, together”

  3. stam Says:

    BTW, you can just add a script to the top of your site with the countdown, like this one,

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