Alleged Pledge 2.1

The same organization who was responsible for my post, “Alleged Pledge 2.0,” is responsbile for this one.  This envelope is labeled “Second Reminder” and also comes in two colors.  Like last time, the letter tries to guilt you into giving and reminds me twice that this is the second reminder.  Argh.  Should I just post the name of the organization and see if anyone else has this problem?

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4 Responses to “Alleged Pledge 2.1”

  1. SephardiLady Says:

    I usually avoid naming names and just give details (keeps the conversation on topic), but this is outrageous.

  2. EB Says:

    As a development employee at a Jewish fundraising organization, I’d suggest calling the organization to clarify that you never made the alleged pledge. It may in fact be a clerical error, and not an effort to guilt you into giving them money. Hopefully they will write off the pledge and leave you alone (at least until next year’s campaign!).

  3. Jack Davidov Says:

    I had a similar experience with a certain institution that I attended. I said that I would try and make a donation if I was able to and they sent me a bill.

  4. gishmak Says:

    The telemarketers for the Jewish organizations are all starting to sound the same…when I say to send me info and I’ll think, they’re like, “can you put you down for just $18?” I’m like, “I can’t commit right now.” And the people say the same exact thign, “I understand that, but it would be REALLY beneficial to know how much money is coming in….how about $10?”….. no wonder they get money out of you! You just want to get them off the phone!
    Sorry about your error bill though! unless you somehow agreed the way they might trick you into it….(no offense to the telemarketers…I know they’re just doing their jobs..)

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