Not My Day: Monday

Due to the snow last week, I had a class that was cancelled.  The week before, the teacher wanted us to go to the MOTA Legislative Reception, so we missed class (no one went, but what do you expect if its going to be all the way in Annapolis).  Since we missed two weeks in a row, we suddenly got an email saying that we’re expected to make up a lot of the work on our own time.  This meant going to school and examining two cabinets full of occupational therapy assessments.  Since the person in charge of checking out these assessments is only there certain hours of the day, I had to be there at 8am.  Fine.  I get there, write up all the assessments in cabinets 3 and 4, and come home.  I find out I was supposed to do cabinets 4 and 5.  It’s now 9:30am, and I see this is going to be a great day.

As part of my graduate project, I have to interview teens for a special project, and they live two hours away, in Pennsylvania.  Today, my group and I were going to drive there and conduct the interviews and get our research under way.  Just as I was getting ready to leave, I was finishing my deli sandwhich, and it slipped out of my hands and subsequently painted my nice pair of pants with mustard. Great.

Next, I’m on the way to Target (our meeting point; it made sense for only one car to drive the four of us two hours away), when I get a phone call from my group member.  The teacher had called her and had found out that none of the teens we were going to interview were going to be there so we shouldn’t bother coming.

The fact that we weren’t going to Pennsylvania meant that I was going to have to go to class tonight, which is something I was hoping I’d miss.

Tuesday, please be kind.  Thanks.


8 Responses to “Not My Day: Monday”

  1. Diana Says:

    1. I had to go to work today, and everybody else had off
    2. I missed my friends wedding because I had to work
    3. Dougie’s buffet is not offered on President’s Day which I didn’t find out until I was already there
    4. Egg Drop Soup on grey sweatshirt
    5. The icing on the cake… Not the icing on my car… I found out something about someone that I didn’t want to hear, and I couldn’t talk to the person I wanted to talk to because of differing time zones

  2. cpa Says:

    Sorry you had a bad day.

  3. stam Says:

    hatzlacha on today

  4. dreamer123 Says:

    how’s tuesday going?

  5. LN Says:

    Well my really bad day some people wouldn’t appreciate hearing, but let’s just say it was my first day back at work, and I worked hard on making 2 bottles of milk for my baby for the next day, come home, and toddler dumps them both out 😦

  6. aishel Says:

    Diana and LN, sorry to hear that.

    LN, Mazel Tov and welcome back! Glad to see you’re back at work and visiting blogs already.

    Everyone else: B”H Tuesday has been going nice and smooth 😀

  7. BasMelech Says:

    Sorry to hear about all these murphyish days. Glad things are looking up for Aishel, at least. Nothing exceptional is happening to me this week except that I couldn’t fall asleep on Saturday night, which is supposed to be my time for making up the whole week’s worth of lost sleep, so I’ve been walking around in a daze with a splitting headache ever since.

  8. Topshot Says:

    ouch, sorry about the airport…
    but it does get worse, maybe it’s a mida k’neged mida punishment for waking you up…
    2 cars broke down in ONE day. ’94 Honda is $500 distributor and is getting donated at 207K miles…. ’00 Trooper is $2800 new transmission (after $1500 catalytic converter 2 weeks ago). 96 Camry (111K mi) still running… Why do we drive such old junky cars, you ask? So we can afford tuition? (jk) Fortunately Honda died day AFTER we drove it back from NY. You don’t wanna get stuck on the NJ turnpike late at night in the freezing cold!

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