Occupational Therapy blog

I decided to use my new domain (which I got for free, plus free hosting) to start a new blog on occupational therapy.  As of now, there are very few blogs at all that deal with occupational therapy, and as far as I know, none that deal with issues that OT students or new graduates may have.  So hopefully this will develop into a helpful resource for others who are in a similar situation to mine.

You can check it out at aishel.net


5 Responses to “Occupational Therapy blog”

  1. BasMelech Says:

    Good luck.

  2. peninah Says:

    Cool! first of all, I can think of a few people who would enjoy it- I’ll have to let them know about it.

    Second of all- I really like the look.

    Third of all- if you ever want any transdisciplinary stuff in there, I probably have what to contribute from the Speech world.

  3. aishel Says:

    Peninah, thanks, I appreciate it. And I think that a transdisciplinary view would be great!

    Also, you probably just like it because its green up top 😛

  4. peninah Says:

    I can’t disagree with you there. I have such a weakness for green, it is scary.

    I sent a link to five OT friends.

  5. cpa Says:

    Great idea hope it works out well.

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