Rite Aid Passport Pictures (or lack thereof)

Don’t ever get your passport photo’s at Rite aid. I went to the Rite Aid in the Greenspring Shopping Center to get photo’s for my infant daughter so that we could travel outside of the country. I should have known things would be bad when the person taking the picture had to ask her co worker how to turn on the camera. The lady had me hold my daughter in front of the white screen so that she could take the picture, and she went ahead and took the picture. Now in the past, my passport pictures have been ready within five minutes. However, she told me that I should come back in an hour, as it had to go through the one-hour photo process.

Sounded weird, but I agreed. I get back later that night to pick up my pictures and took a look at the pictures and saw that each passport photo was a picture of both my daughter and myself. I went over to the lady and told her that I thought the picture has to be only of my daughter and that I can’t be in the picture. She answered that since I was the parent/guardian, I have to be in the picture. Again, sounds weird, but I don’t know the rules, so I made a mental note to check up on passport photo requirements when I got home.

Sure enough, the passport website says specifically that the baby’s face has to take up most of the photo and that no other people can be in the background. Additionally, the entire background has to be white, so by me holding her (I was wearing a blue shirt), the photo wouldn’t have been accepted in any case.

Now my daughter’s schedule doesn’t allow me to go and get passport photo’s at any time. It’s a big deal for me to have to take her out at a specific time. So I went back to Rite Aid (without my daughter; someone was babysitting, as she was sleeping) to ask them what the deal was with the picture. She mumbled something about Rite Aid not being a professional photo place. Since she wasn’t offering it, I finally had to ask for a refund, since the pictures were not usable. Thankfully, she gladly agreed to refund the cost of my photo’s. However, she did say that I should bring it into a professional photo place that does passport pictures.

While I’m happy that I got my refund, what kind of place advertises that they offer passport photo services if they don’t know how to take the passport pictures, much less turn on a digital camera? Not only that, they’re so bad that they’re actually telling me to go to a “professional photo place” to get my pictures done. Does that mean that we shouldn’t get our day-to-day pictures developed there either?

I just went to Walgreen’s, and the lady very obviously knew what she was doing, and we were out of there in 5 minutes. If anyone needs passport pictures, don’t go to Rite Aid. Instead go to a “professional place” like Walgreen’s.

I’d also like to add that if anyone ever needs to get their passport application done, you should come to Michigan. In Michigan, there’s no such thing as having to make an appointment a month in advance. You just walk right in, and they take care of it on the spot.


15 Responses to “Rite Aid Passport Pictures (or lack thereof)”

  1. Jewboy Says:

    Mistake: Thinking Rite Aid could possibly be competent.

  2. Charles Says:

    This brings back some memories. The Greenspring Rite Aid is the worst pharmacy in the world, we used it only because it is basically the only pharmacy in the area. In the two years my wife and I lived in Willowbrook — and my wife takes a lot of prescriptions — they only had her prescription ready on time, in the right bin, and with no insurance problem once.

  3. Greg Says:

    You said: “Don’t ever get your passport photo’s at Rite aid.”

    I say: “Don’t ever get ANYTHING AT ALL at Rite Aid.” Particularly the Greenspring one. They are just flat out incompetent.

  4. LN Says:

    Thanks! Mine are from Walgreens in my town, but I need to get passport pics for my kids ASAP, and definitely would not have thought to shlep out there.

  5. Gishmak Says:

    When I took my son, then an infant, for passport photos at 1 place, they told me I have to go to a professional photo place for infant pass. pictures…. I didn’t want to pay $40 for them! So I tried another place and they had me hold him up…my hands appeared in the photos but it seems that’s allowed and he got a passport

  6. Sara K Says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t know that the Greenspring Rite Aid is not a place you walk into. Going in there is a huge waste of time, they are so incompetent.

  7. stam Says:

    well if you were wearing a white shirt….

  8. aishel Says:

    Ok, lesson learned, don’t go to Rite Aid. Oh well, I thought I would save myself a few minutes by going somewhere so close.

  9. Warren Moon Says:

    When is the Walgreens at Quarry Lake opening?

  10. opinions Says:

    I just got passport photos at national wholesale liquidators. Yes, NWL. I never go there but someone told me they were good and cheap for passport photos. It took less then 10 minutes and they did a great job for about $6. Digital camera was used and he showed me the picture on his camera before processing it.

  11. Carlos alas Says:

    Rite aid stinks everyone knows there is no training for any position you are just thrown out and the motto is sink or swim California stores Are in terrible condition due too the over seeing of the weak district managers and poor management

  12. lisa Says:

    I agree with the poster. I have to get my passport renewed since I just got married. I went to Rite Aid yesterday for a passport photo and same story – the woman didn’t know how to use the camera. Finally they figured it out, I got my photo and went home. I look on the passport application before sending it out and it says my head from my chin to the top of my hair has to be at least 1 inch but no more than 1 3/8 inches long. My head was WAY smaller than one inch. So I went back today for a new photo and *I* had to tell her how big my head had to be. Now I am home and realize that the picture size is not 2 inches by 2 inches which is the size the photo MUST be. Now I have to go back AGAIN.

    The first time I got my passport, we got our photos taken at the local post office (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). I just went to Rite Aid this time because it was closer. Do not go to Rite Aid for passport photos!!

  13. lisa Says:

    I wanted to add that I went back last night to find out that their printer does not have the capability to print 2×2 images (ok…)… So I got my money back. No apologies from the manager, nothing about how they will try to fix it, etc. So whoever goes to this Rite Aid for passport photos will not have the right size printed and I bet you they didn’t learn that your face has to be a specific size. This was the Rite Aid in Wyandotte, MI.

    Going to the post office today for my photo…

  14. Anne Says:

    NO KIDDING. I went to Rite Aid in TN to get passport photos. They did print on 2×2 (well…full size paper, but cut down to 2×2), but the face area did not fit into the required 1″-1 3/8″ height. Instead, it was 1 6/8″. I called them back to ask if they have a resizing application, and they said the best they could do would be to scan it in the computer and play with it.

    Walgreens DOES have a resizing application and they will make sure that the photo meets passport specifications. Oh well…lesson learned.

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