Defending Ourselves

Over Pesach, there have been at least four three attacks on Orthodox Jews in the Baltimore area. These included incidents that happened in broad daylight. I’m in Detroit for Pesach and I’ve been told that many people here have been harassed as well. Thankfully, the incidents in Detroit aren’t usually anything more than taunting or black-hat tipping, but it could easily escalate. From what I understand, in one of the Baltimore incidents, one of the victims had to be sent to the hospital.

This has to stop.

While most of us can’t or won’t fight with our fists, the least you can do is carry some pepper spray with you. This is a non-lethal, safe way of defending ourselves. The people who carry out these attacks need to learn that there will be consequences to their actions. If anyone needs pepper spray, I can get it for you at a good price. Leave a comment with your email address (it doesn’t get published), and I will get you set up. It comes in all sorts of sizes, and can include holsters if you want.