Community Meeting addressed Muggings

Here is the letter that the NWCP sent out.  Personally, I think it sounds like they’re using a lot of political speak to make someone happy, but who knows.

On Tuesday evening, April 17, about 100 homeowners in the Upper Park Heights area engaged Mayor Sheila Dixon and Major Keith Tiedemann of the Northwest District in a two hour question and answer session concerning crime in the neighborhood.

Most of the discussion was centered around the recent assaults that occurred on Pesach. The questions were direct and respectful and the answers were honest and informative.

The Mayor pledged her continued attention and support to the Northwest area in this situation as well as in the future. (She has been involved from day one, staying on top of the situation and sending personal representatives to each of the meetings held in response to the assaults.) The Major took full responsibility for the actions of his officers; he has already spoken to an officer that did not respond as well as he would have liked. (Most of the officers who responded performed admirably and are to be commended for their actions.)

The community, in turn, expressed their appreciation to Mayor Dixon and Major Tiedemann. Their message was clear: we appreciate all of your efforts on our behalf, but we need continued help keeping our neighborhoods safe.

On a related note, it has been determined that a particular Assistant State’s Attorney, who has been instrumental in getting strong sentences in previous juvenile cases, will be in charge of prosecuting the juvenile arrested for the attacks over Pesach. The NWCP, the victims, and the Assistant State’s Attorney will be meeting shortly to strategize about the case.