Mugging Perpetrator to be Evicted

The latest from the NWCP on the muggings over Pesach:

Over the next week, the NWCP will be involved in resolving issues related to
the events of Pesach. Specifically, the NWCP will join CHAI at a meeting
with the Housing Authority to evict the residents of the house on Clarinth
Road where the juvenile perpetrators of the Pesach assaults reside. In
addition, the NWCP will be meeting with the Assistant State’s Attorney to
prepare for the upcoming court case relating to this juvenile.


2 Responses to “Mugging Perpetrator to be Evicted”

  1. Warren Moon Says:

    The NWCP and CHAI don’t have the authority to evict tenants. And evictions take a long time to go through the court system, even after the landlord files to evict.

  2. YS Says:

    But they can ask the Housing Authority to evict someone from a house owned by the City. This particular juvenile I beleive lives in a city owned building.

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