Hamodia Pulls a Reuters

As seen here, it looks like the Hamodia was trying to pull a Reuters:

The image appeared in the June 5th  Hebrew edition.


6 Responses to “Hamodia Pulls a Reuters”

  1. dreamer123 Says:

    actually, it could very well be that they just couldn’t read english… the parents bought a coloring book and didn’t know what it said… i saw something similar once, just can’t remember where.

    it’s funny, though.

  2. stam Says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA that’s great!!!!!!!!

  3. Josh Says:

    It probably is a real picture. When I was in Yeshiva in Israel I remember seeing people putting xmas tree ornaments in their succah. They were native israelis, never saw a TV, and had no idea what they were.

  4. Bondster Says:

    It’s not like it’s the first time a photoshopped yarmulke appeared in Hamodia. Just look at any advertisement where stock pictures of kids (without payos) are all wearing nice velvet kippas. I still like that Yated letter to the editor writer who bashes the paper and then signs his name “Adam West”. Guess P. Lipfschitz never had a TV as a kid.

  5. Bondster Says:

    Not like the first time it happened. Look at any ad with stock photos of kids in yarmulkes (w/o payos). I’m still laughing at a Yated reader who wrote in with the name “Adam West”

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