Link of the Day

Sign Language – from Gigglesugar: Funny signs from around the world. Make sure to scroll to the bottom and continue reading the next several pages. There is some serious laugh out loud stuff there.


Hamodia Pulls a Reuters

As seen here, it looks like the Hamodia was trying to pull a Reuters:

The image appeared in the June 5th  Hebrew edition.

In Honor of Don Imus

Dry-Cleaned USB Drive

Over the last two days, I was wondering what had happened to my USB drive. It doesn’t have too many school things on it, but I do have some other random important things on it. Much to my dismay, my wife pulled it out of the dryer this evening. Apparently, it had gone through both the washer and dryer.

After cleaning off the lint and with much prayer (this thing retails for $80; I got it for $30 over Thanksgiving), I plugged it into my computer. Amazingly enough, it lit up right away. It took a second to load, but everything is exactly where it should be and the entire thing is intact! No files missing, nothing corrupt, it’s all good.


On a totally irrelevant note, now points to this blog.

Baltimore Signage

I saw a sign today while at the laundromat washing my comforters:


Of course this was on the other side of Reisterstown Rd.

Steve Jobs Prank Calls Starbucks

While giving an iPhone demonstration, Steve Jobs shows how he can pull up a map of all the Starbucks‘ in his neighborhood and call whichever one he wants.  I wonder if the employee of that Starbucks will ever know that she actually spoke to the CEO of Apple.


This is hysterical: