Official Graduation Countdown

It depends on how you look at it.  Technically, I graduate in nine and a half days.  However, since that is on Shavuos and I’m not walking down until May 25th, you can count it as 11 days.  Or, since my last responsibility in school is on May 21, I might only have 8 days.  Any way you look at it, it is fast approaching 🙂

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Official Graduation Countdown

This official graduation countdown comes with great news.  I have exactly 50 days left until graduation.  And I got a job! 🙂  I’ll be working in an acute care setting in an area hospital.  I’m very excited.

Not My Day: Monday

Due to the snow last week, I had a class that was cancelled.  The week before, the teacher wanted us to go to the MOTA Legislative Reception, so we missed class (no one went, but what do you expect if its going to be all the way in Annapolis).  Since we missed two weeks in a row, we suddenly got an email saying that we’re expected to make up a lot of the work on our own time.  This meant going to school and examining two cabinets full of occupational therapy assessments.  Since the person in charge of checking out these assessments is only there certain hours of the day, I had to be there at 8am.  Fine.  I get there, write up all the assessments in cabinets 3 and 4, and come home.  I find out I was supposed to do cabinets 4 and 5.  It’s now 9:30am, and I see this is going to be a great day.

As part of my graduate project, I have to interview teens for a special project, and they live two hours away, in Pennsylvania.  Today, my group and I were going to drive there and conduct the interviews and get our research under way.  Just as I was getting ready to leave, I was finishing my deli sandwhich, and it slipped out of my hands and subsequently painted my nice pair of pants with mustard. Great.

Next, I’m on the way to Target (our meeting point; it made sense for only one car to drive the four of us two hours away), when I get a phone call from my group member.  The teacher had called her and had found out that none of the teens we were going to interview were going to be there so we shouldn’t bother coming.

The fact that we weren’t going to Pennsylvania meant that I was going to have to go to class tonight, which is something I was hoping I’d miss.

Tuesday, please be kind.  Thanks.

Official Graduation Countdown

One-hundred days until graduation!

In my original post of the graduation countdown, I had mentioned in the commentsthat the graduation date was going to fall out on Shavuos, and I would therefore not be able to go.  This was going to affect the entire College of Health Professions.  However, I have now learned that they will have a special ceremony on the Friday after Shavuos for those who can’t attend their regular graduation because of Shavuos.  So it looks like I will be walking down after all.

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Official Graduation Countdown

150 days.

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Song suggestions needed

I just found out that since I’m a student at Towson Univeristy, I have access to over 2.5 million songs, all of which are free for me to download.  My school has partnered with Cdigix, which has its own music player that you download.  Once you log in using your school email address, you have access to over 2.5 million songs.  They’re all downloadable for free.  The downside, of course, is that you can’t download them to your mp3 player.  However, you do get to keep the file permenantly on your computer (and up to one other I think).  There is an option to pay $6.95/month to be able to transfer files to your mp3 player, but my iPod only holds 2gb, so I don’t need any more songs on there.  But I am looking to increase my song collection on my computer.
I don’t have a radio in my car, so I’ve been kind of out of the loop on all the latest music, so if you have any song suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comments. No rap or too much heavy metal please.  I don’t mind country either.

Uneducated Graduate Students

This is my first post using the Performancing Firefox extension, so hopefully it’ll come out OK.

I’m taking an elective from a different discipline than occupational therapy (OT), and I’ve found several differences.  The one that stands out the most, however, is the lack of ability for people to give a presentation and give out handouts without mistakes.  There are 4 OT students in this class, and it has come to the point where we make it into a game to see just how many mistakes we can find.  For example, last week, one guy was giving his presentation on a case study from a textbook.  In his four-page handout, I counted 28 mistakes that should have been very obvious had he only looked it over one time.  I mean, how can someone confuse ‘foreman’ with ‘foramen?’

If this was happening to only one or two people, I would be able to understand it, but when it happens as consistently as its been happening, something is wrong.  Anyone who is in a 600’s level graduate course should know basic spelling and grammar.  The fact that in one night I found over 20 mistakes on two separate handouts from two people says that something is wrong.  I know that if I were to hand in a paper with that many mistakes in the OT department, it would be returned to me by the teacher.  If I was the teacher, I’d return it.  I don’t know if our writing is just that good (I doubt it), or if their writing is just that bad.  It’s scary to think that these people will be healthcare managers.

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