Rabbi Wohlberg on Mechitza’s

The Wall Street Journal had a great article yesterday on Mechitza’s, the partition that separates men and women in shul.  I particularly enjoyed Rabbi Wohlberg’s take on the issue:

 Beth Tfiloh in Baltimore went in the other direction. Years back, when it relocated to the suburbs from downtown, the congregation decided on separate seating but no partition. The concern was that a divider might alienate young families lured by synagogues where everyone sat together. But the tide has turned, says Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg, and a new, more observant, generation would have left if it were not for the partition. At the same time, he adds, congregants “didn’t want to see women move to the back of the bus.” The solution? A “tasteful” mehitzah made of glass, wood and brass.

Rabbi Wohlberg is impatient with complainers. “Many of the people who say they want to sit with their husbands and wives at services, they don’t play golf together, they don’t have weeknights together,” he remarks. “All of a sudden, they can’t live without each other when they come to service?”


Schedule for 3/21

Tomorrows schedule will include a stop at Dunkin Donuts for a free 16 oz. cup of iced coffee, followed by a stop at Rita’s Ices for a free Italian ice.  I can’t wait.

24 Hours in New York

In 24 hours in New York, I had the following experiences:

  1. Mess up my signature on a kesuba, making the mesader kidushin write it all over again (how often do YOU sign your name in Hebrew?)
  2. Get a $60 parking ticket for parking on the correct side of a No Standing sign. Is there a way of fighting this over the phone? I don’t want to do it in person. Also, the person who gave me the ticket put down some wrong information on the ticket, so I’m guessing there is a way of fighting it?
  3. Figured out that it takes longer to find parking than it does to actually get to your destination, even if you’re destination is 30 minutes away.
  4. Almost smashed into a car on the BQE who decided not to take off any snow from the top of their car. The woman braked, causing the snow to fall and cover the entire windshield, blinding her, which caused her to all out stop on the BQE.

    Some good things:

    1. Hungry-Man Special at Garden of Eat-In – $4.95 got me a big pancake, two scrambled eggs, home fries, two slices of toast, coffee, and a tiny cup of orange juice.
    2. Krispy Kutlet’s at Subsational

      Note that the only good things involved food. Maybe that’s why I keep going back.

      Occupational Therapy blog

      I decided to use my new domain (which I got for free, plus free hosting) to start a new blog on occupational therapy.  As of now, there are very few blogs at all that deal with occupational therapy, and as far as I know, none that deal with issues that OT students or new graduates may have.  So hopefully this will develop into a helpful resource for others who are in a similar situation to mine.

      You can check it out at aishel.net

      Rita’s Ices

      Yet another season of wonderfully delicious Rita’s Ices is about to commence.  Here’s the link to the official countdown.


      Dry-Cleaned USB Drive

      Over the last two days, I was wondering what had happened to my USB drive. It doesn’t have too many school things on it, but I do have some other random important things on it. Much to my dismay, my wife pulled it out of the dryer this evening. Apparently, it had gone through both the washer and dryer.

      After cleaning off the lint and with much prayer (this thing retails for $80; I got it for $30 over Thanksgiving), I plugged it into my computer. Amazingly enough, it lit up right away. It took a second to load, but everything is exactly where it should be and the entire thing is intact! No files missing, nothing corrupt, it’s all good.


      On a totally irrelevant note, http://www.aishel.net now points to this blog.

      Baltimore Signage

      I saw a sign today while at the laundromat washing my comforters:


      Of course this was on the other side of Reisterstown Rd.